How to make amazing wedding invitations in 5 steps

Are you looking for ideas for truly special and original wedding invitations? Before even worrying about what to write on a wedding invitation, it's important that you think about how it will be designed. An original wedding invitation, well finished and with attention to detail, can convey the feeling of your wedding with a single glance and be a memory that friends and relatives will keep over time.

It must be really special though! Also, keep in mind that the choices you make regarding the style and colors of invitations and invitations will characterize the mood of the event, as well as helping to coordinate the colors.

How to make unique wedding invitations

Creating original wedding invitations can be beautiful and… nerve-wracking! The ideas you see on Pinterest or Instagram always seem simple to implement, but when it comes to getting to work, everything appears complicated, and the mind goes blank.

So we want to help you by reminding you what you absolutely must not neglect to create unique and original wedding invitations. Are you ready? Let's begin!


1. What is the style of your wedding?

Stop! It is forbidden to lift a single finger before having a clear idea. Invitations for the wedding must be in line with the style of your event: have you already decided what atmosphere you want for the big day? What will be the mood of the event, what color palette you will use, have you already thought about how to set up the reception tables?

A chic and romantic wedding in an elegante villa will have other colors than a rustic one to be held in the open countryside, just as a seaside location for a summer wedding will offer different suggestions than a modern city location for an event celebrated in Autumn.

The colors of your wedding invitation must reflect those of the event to be. Envelope, paper, text and even the silk ribbon that you can use to close the invitation play an important role in this context.


2. Choose the color palette

The color palette of your wedding must become your guide for the creative set up of the location and beyond. These are the tones you will use for decorations, details, bridesmaids' dresses, table setting, flowers. And, of course, also for invitations and participations.

How do you choose a color palette? According to one's own taste, of course, but also based on other factors: the season in which the wedding is held, location, character of the event (formal? Informal? Classic? Modern?).

How many colors make up a wedding palette? There is no rule, but usually no more than 4 or 5. The trends and fashions of the moment can give excellent ideas, but remember that the palette must be harmonious in order to keep all the elements of the setting "tied together".


3. The elements that make up an invitation

An envelope and card are not enough: an invitation set is meant to be more elaborate. The elements that make up a wedding invitation (other than invitation, which is the only communication of the date, time and place of the wedding) are:

  • Real invitation
  • RSVP, print or digital
  • Possible map to reach location + details
  • Many thanks

In the case of a paper RSVP, in the main envelope you will therefore have to insert a second, smaller envelope with the RSVP that the guests will have to send back or return. If you have chosen a digital RSVP, you will still need to provide a separate card with the details to give your confirmation (in addition to indicating the date by which to give it).

The map to reach the location and thank you card are optional, but if you want to get them, consider purchasing the card for them too. If you are organizing a destination wedding, the map could also be used to provide details on possible accommodations and connections with the airport.


4. Choose the colors of the paper, envelope and ribbon

If you have already chosen your color palette, it will be easy for you to choose the color of all the elements of the invitation set. The color palette will help you stay in tune with the atmosphere you want to give to the event, coordinating all the details in a harmonious way.

There is no shortage of choices for paper and envelope: usually for wedding invitations you are oriented on delicate and elegant colors - such as ivory, beige, warm white, pearl, ocher - but no one forbids you to break the unwritten rule and design your wedding in a particular way, choosing an original color for envelope and card.

Or maybe you prefer a delicate tone-on-tone: in this case, we recommend that you first choose the ribbon you will use to close the invitation, and then go in search of the right color envelope with the ribbon already in hand.

How to write wedding invitations?
Also in this case it depends on the style you want to give to the event itself. Certainly handwritten invitations are among those that strike the most, but there are numerous original and pleasantly impacted printed fonts.

Usually it is chosen based on the style of the wedding: for traditional events classic fonts are preferred and that remind us of handwriting; for a romantic wedding it is better to focus on an elegant, rounded and subtle font; if the wedding will be an informal event or in a modern style, space for linear and even slightly squared fonts.

If you want handwriting, there are wonderful pigments and inks that you can use to further personalize your invitation. You can also turn to professional calligraphers who can take care of making extremely refined handwritten wedding invitations, which are distinguished by class and style.

Remember that the readability of your invitation is the most important thing - keep this in mind when choosing paper and font colors. If your wedding will have a particular theme or reason, make sure you include it in the invitation. How? You could create a monogram, an illustration created specifically for the event or a frieze made with the embossed or embossed printing technique. Three ways to characterize an invitation in a particular way.


5. Close your wedding invitations in a more refined way

A delicately, hand frayed silk ribbon is the perfect complement to a unique and chic wedding invitation. Handmade, from start to finish. A high quality, handcrafted invitation that allows you to stand out and be remembered.

Our pure silk ribbons are available in different widths. We recommend to close the invitations with 2cm or 3.5 cm. A ribbon of this width will do its job properly: to give a touch of color, uniqueness, and elegance to your invitation, without being a "bulky" detail.

Did you get any inspiration? Let's hope so! Now take action: our collections of delicately hand-frayed silk ribbons include over 100 colors, choose the right one for you!


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