DUSTY GRAY - Cotton Ribbon

CHF 15

Not your typical gray

100% Stone Washed Cotton

When gray and dust meet, a 100% stone washed cotton ribbon is formed. Thanks to the special finishing that gives an extra soft touch, the frayed cotton ribbons from Allegoria are perfect for giving a natural touch to your creations. The colors are soft and the texture creates an organic mood.

The Dusty Gray cotton ribbon has a perfect shade to be used both in combination with warm and cold tones. It creates a classic mood when combined with natural shades and becomes an unexpected complement with cold and light colors, such as sky blue and light blue.

For closing an invitation, finishing a gift package, wrapping your bouquet, making a placeholder, packing favors or small gifts...there are countless projects you can create with Allegoria's fringed cotton ribbons! The perfect touch for unique creations!

  • Tone: slightly cold
  • Ideal for neutral, light or medium palettes, even with warm and natural tones
  • Try combining it with Zefiro Lino or Celeste ribbons
    Processing: 3 business days - Shipping: 4 business days

    Processing: 3 business days - Shipping: 24/48 H
    From fabric to finished product: our collections are 100% Made in Italy. Each material is carefully selected and worked with love and attention to detail.