SFUMATO LATTE E MENTA - Natural silk ribbon

CHF 16

Light green, all sugar

100% Silk - Sheer, slightly crinkled

If it wasn't lemonade, it was minted milk. A summer drink of yesteryear, entire generations have grown up here: it was enough to mix milk and mint, sweet and pungent, green and white. The result was a drink with a peculiar light pastel green color, like Allegoria's Latte e Menta ribbon.

A drink that evokes sweet memories, as sweet as the tone of this very light, delicate, tenuous green. We could almost say… fragrant! Just look at it to feel the taste of childhood afternoons.

Latte e Menta is a natural silk ribbon with a slightly nostalgic and vintage character, but it can also be very contemporary in its pastel shades.

  • Color: light pastel green 
  • Tone: sweet, soft, luminous
  • Ideal for pastel and powder palettes and for romantic, floral or contemporary moods 
  • Try it with Sfumato Acqua or Sinfonia Verderame for a match of tone. Combine it with all the pinks of the Allegoria collections for an allure of confiserie!
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