SFUMATO ULIVO - Natural silk ribbon

CHF 16

The olive branch

100% Silk - Sheer, slightly crinkled

Olive trees refresh the view: on the slopes by the lake, on the gentle slopes of the hills of Central Italy, in the extensive crops of the South. The Ulivo ribbon from the Sfumato collection has the same effect: calming, reassuring, bringing serenity.

Ulivo is a natural silk frayed ribbon that reproduces that unique color that smells of Italian hills. Its color, warm and sunny, cannot help but make one think of the olive trees in the sun, of their small and unmistakable leaves moved by the wind.

A sweet, soft and warm shade that brings to mind aromatic flavors and smells. 

  • Color: light olive green
  • Tone: warm and sunny
  • Ideal for natural and green palettes, for romantic, vintage or floral moods 
  • Try it with Sfumato Salvia for a match of tone. Match it with all the pinks of the Allegoria collections for a floral palette
Processing: 3 business days - Shipping: 4 business days

Processing: 3 business days - Shipping: 24/48 H
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