SINFONIA CAMEO - Natural silk ribbon

CHF 16

Pink precious as a jewel

100% Silk - Opaque and velvety, slight sheen



With the Cammeo ribbon from the Sinfonia collection we wanted to search for that unique orange-pink typical of the cameos of the past, but still very trendy.

The unique tone of those precious carvings in the layered stone comes to life in the intertwining of threads of this frayed pure silk ribbon. Use its touch of color as you would use a cameo: to embellish and give character.

It's not easy to define this hue because it hides mysterious echoes: a little pink, a little orange, a touch of brown for a mix that is much more than its individual components.

  • Color: dark orange pink
  • Tone: warm, tending to red and brown
  • Ideal for contemporary palettes, with other contrasting tones or for vintage-inspired moods
  • Try it with orange pinks such as Sfumato and Sinfonia Blush. Match it in contrasting palettes with Sinfonia Bruciato, Verderame or Eucalipto. Also consider Sfumato in Foresta and Zefiro in the colors Antracite or Sottobosco
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Processing: 3 business days - Shipping: 24/48 H
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