SINFONIA CREMA - Natural silk ribbon

CHF 16

Just like a macaron

100% Silk - Opaque and velvety, slight sheen



The upstands loaded with mignons, the macarons served with coffee, the trays of pastries for Sunday lunch: you can smell the scent? Crema is one of our sweetest pure silk ribbons; its light yellow conquers the eyes and satisfies the mind, which flies towards distant sweetness.

The delicate and soft shade is inspired by the softness of the cream, rendering it almost able to be eaten. An elegant and classy light yellow.

This frayed pure silk ribbon has a soft and luminous appearance as well as a refined and classy identity.

  • Colore: light yellow
  • Tono: pastel
  • Ideal for summer, floreal, and vintage moods with pastel or or pop palettes
  • Try it with Sinfonia Pistacchio, Nudo, Blush, or Volare to play with pastel tones
Processing: 3 business days - Shipping: 4 business days

Processing: 3 business days - Shipping: 24/48 H
From fabric to finished product: our collections are 100% Made in Italy. Each material is carefully selected and worked with love and attention to detail.