Top 18 2023 Wedding Color Trends Inspired by Fashion Week, Pantone, and WGSN

If you’re planning a wedding this year, or if you’re a wedding professional working with clients, then there are a lot of decisions to be made in the upcoming months. One of the first is deciding on a color palette! 

Many brides and couples look to magazines to find inspiration from wedding color trends. But, we’d like to propose three new sources: Fashion Week, Pantone, and WGSN’s Color of the Year. 

If you (or your client!) identifies as a fashionista, then look to the runways for inspiration. They are full of outstanding colors that can be repurposed for wedding color palettes to make any event truly one-of-a-kind. 

So here are the top 18 2023 wedding color trends based on Fashion Week, Pantone, and WGSN! 

Why Is Choosing a Wedding Color Palette Important?

Wedding colors do two important things. First, they help set the tone and aesthetic for an overall wedding design. Second, the colors act as the cohesion between all of the design elements. 

For example, if you’re hoping to create a romantic, garden-inspired wedding, then choosing softer tones, such as muted greens, blush pinks, and pops of pastel yellows may set the tone for that style. 

On the other hand, if you or your client loves the idea of a bold, modern wedding, then bright oranges and even daring reds can draw on that mood.

Choosing a wedding color palette can feel overwhelming because of the hundreds (or even thousands) of options you have. We understand that, which is why we’ve created a 2023 Color Trends Report, complete with mood boards and color palette ideas!

The Top 18 2023 Wedding Color Trends At a Glance

1. Pantone's Color of the Year 2023: Viva Magenta

2. WSGN's Color of the Year 2023: Digital Lavender

3. Color of the Year 2023 Runner Up: Sundial

4. Color of the Year 2023 Runner Up: Crystal Rose

5. Color of the Year 2023 Runner Up: Summer Song

6. Fiery Red

7. Peach Pink

8. Beetroot Purple

9. Empire Yellow

10. Vanilla Cream

11. Gray Lilac

12. Gray Sand

13. Macchiato

14. Leek Green

15. Skylight

16. Tranquil Blue

17. Verdigris

18. Blue Perennial

1. Pantone Color of the Year 2023: Viva Magenta

One of Pantone’s great colors of the year goes to Viva Magenta! This is a vibrant pink color that’s maybe one shade darker than beetroot purple. It’s on-trend with the Fashion Week runways for the upcoming Spring and Summer seasons. 

How to Style Pantone’s Color of the Year: Viva Magenta

We love this color because it is incredibly versatile, which is often unusual when you’re working with such a bold color. 

From pulling it into a richer, deeper direction by pairing it with fiery red to creating a more romantic palette by pairing it with Pantone’s gray sand and pale dogwood colors, this magenta shade can create a variety of moods. 

We’ve even designed many of those moods, along with showcasing how to pair it with both fiery red and pale dogwood in our Color Trends Report for 2023. 

2. Color of the Year 2023: Digital Lavender

It’s the color that took over almost every runway in New York, Milan, and London. And it is the perfect wedding color trend for 2023, considering its softness and pastel color tone. Yet it adds a level of uniqueness – something new from the traditional shades of dusty pink and soft blue. 

Coloro and WGSN’s Color of the Year, Digital Lavender, is a subtle hue reminiscent of a French-country aesthetic. And the beauty of it is the emotions it can bring about for any wedding day. 

With its softness, it naturally evokes calmness, and cheerfulness, along with a hopeful, optimistic view of the future for any who sees it. And those are wonderful emotions to call upon for a wedding!

How to Style WGSN’s 2023 Color of the Year for a Wedding:

To style this wedding color trend, we’d allow it to be the main color. Use it for main elements, such as bridesmaid dresses, groom and groomsmen ties or bowties, and reception tablecloths. Set the tone of the wedding day for guests by including it in the invitation suite. You might even think about adding soft, lavender-colored flowers to bouquets and floral arrangements! 

Pair the lavender color with complementary colors that add visual interest and pops of color. Bright yellows as accent pieces, such as small flowers in floral arrangements, would be the perfect combination piece! Counter both of them with soothing cream colors. 

3. Color of the Year 2023 Runner Up: Sundial

The earthy yellow blend makes this color perfect for bohemian-inspired weddings. Bring a pop of color by incorporating a traditional blue and a bright yellow to really make the sundial color shine through!

Lino Vintage Mustard linens from Allegoria Textile, a shade similar to the color of the year sundial.

Our 2023 Color Trends Report shows you exactly how to perfectly pair this gorgeous color with ones that complement it for your wedding or event palette!

4. Color of the Year 2023 Runner Up: Crystal Rose

Pinks of all shades have been used for wedding colors for decades. However, the fashion world has created a modernized take on the classic hue. This tone creates a beautiful balance between the common blush pink and brighter pink. 

It adds a touching romance to any wedding color palette, making it an excellent choice for a 2023 spring wedding color palette.

How to Style Crystal Rose

For a sophisticated look, we recommend pairing crystal rose with navy blue, a neutral sand color, and even a natural green color.

5. Color of the Year 2023 Runner Up: Summer Song

For a beautiful, calming palette, this soft, slightly dusty blue is a gorgeous option. It is an incredibly flattering color that creates a dreamy, whimsical aesthetic. It’d be perfect as either an accent color or the primary for any trendy wedding color story. 

And because it’s a take on a more classic color, we could also see it as a part of an extravagant wedding design, such as these Villa Pizzo wedding reception details. 

How to Style Summer Song

If you’re thinking about using this 2023 wedding color trend in a more classic trend, then we suggest pairing it with sage green and neutral cream.

To add more dimension and visual interest to a color palette, think of including a rich burgundy or merlot color.

6. Fiery Red

It’s not the most traditional wedding day color, which is why it’d be the perfect option if you’re looking to incorporate more experimentation and uniqueness into your celebration. 

This fiery red color is excellent for bold couples who want to create a lavish, luxurious wedding day aesthetic, like this Villa del Balbianello wedding.

How to Style Fiery Red

To balance such a captivating color, opt for other jewel-toned hues. Think burgundydeep blues, and pops of dusty marigold. That will create a gorgeous combination that guests won’t be able to look away from.

7. Peach Pink

A touch brighter than the traditional soft wedding color trends, this tone is perfect for couples who want the best of both worlds. 

It’s an excellent spring and summer wedding color for 2023 because of its natural warmth and inviting nature.

How to Style Peach Pink

A great idea when styling a peach pink wedding day color palette is to opt for complementary colors for this shade. Because of this peach color, a deep blue is a fantastic choice. Even using two 2023 wedding color trends, such as peach pink and verdigris, would create an amazing color story.

You can also add a neutral color, such as gray or black to balance the two colors.

To let the peach pink color take center stage, opt for softer colors to give the color the full focus. Add blush pinks and lavender to the color palette. Then balance it out with a neutral cream color. Explore this convivial Villa Pizzo, Lake Como wedding to see it in real life!

8. Beetroot Purple

This Fashion Week color staple was less purple, and more vibrant pink. It adds immediate energy and a natural element to any color palette. Because of that, though, it’s best for outdoor weddings, surrounded by plenty of foliage.

How to Style Beetroot Purple

It’s a stunning hue that is perfect in small doses. Think of the accent pieces in any wedding design for this color. 

For example, while the majority of this wedding focused on mossy greens, accents in the flower arrangements were a bright shade reminiscent of beetroot purple. 

Pair it with other 2023 wedding color trends, such as leek green. You can tone it down slightly with a dusty shade of yellow.

9. Empire Yellow

Unlike other, softer shades of yellow, this hue is the epitome of vibrant and energetic. It radiates positivity and joyfulness, two emotions that should be heightened on a wedding day.

How to Style Empire Yellow

For such a positive color, adding other colors that create a similar effect is a great option. Try blush pinks, and whites, to round out the palette.

Or opt for a jewel-toned color palette, such as this Calistoga Vineyard estate wedding. That could look like empire yellow, paired with merlot, and pops of deep blue,

10. Vanilla Cream

Up next on our list of the top wedding colors for this year, Pantone’s vanilla cream is a blend of a staple and a trend. 

The creamy color has a subtle pink hue making it the perfect color to include in a wedding or event color palette.

How to Style Vanilla Cream

Because of how soft and sweet vanilla cream is, it’s a gorgeous hue for a spring wedding color palette. Think of a garden wedding or a brunch wedding, such as this one in London. 

Pair it with a brighter pink to make more of a romantic statement. Then round out the color palette with whites or light creams.

11. Gray Lilac

A mixture of gray and purple, as the name suggests, this tone is a dreamy, ethereal masterpiece. It’s perfect for romantic, fairytale-like weddings. Imagine a beautiful full-skirted wedding gown with lace detailing as the main focal point, while the gray lilac creates the visionary aesthetic.

How to Style Gray Lilac

Because it’s such a soft, subtle color, you can easily make this shade a primary hue in the wedding color palette. 

If you or your client wants to maintain a softer, dreamier aesthetic, then pair it with equally soft hues. Neutrals, such as gray and white, work very well with this to allow the color to shine through.

But if you’re looking to add a touch more color, then complementary colors are always a great choice. Even bright yellows and bright blues, like skylight, can make for excellent color stories.

12. Gray Sand

And what 2023 wedding color trends list would be complete without a neutral-based color? This year, you can expect this gray sand shade to be in style! Because of its neutrality, it’s a wonderful hue to incorporate into all kinds of wedding color palettes.

How to Style Gray Sand

Gray sand is a versatile color to include in your color story. Whether you want it to be the main color focus or you’d like for it to be a supporting color, this shade fits in wonderfully in all kinds of schemes. 

Try letting it stand out as a pop of color by using multiple pinks, like in this luxurious Sardinia wedding. 

13. Macchiato

For another neutral-based color, the macchiato shade is going to be a go-to. As a bolder, deeper neutral color, it’s the perfect shade of an earthy, bohemian aesthetic. 

But if the bohemian vibe isn’t the wedding day style, then try to incorporate other softer colors to create a vintage-inspired aesthetic, such as this one in Liguria.  

How to Style Macchiato

Pair the warmed-up neutral with other warm and soft colors such as light yellows, blush pinks, and pops of cream.

14. Leek Green

Greens almost always make the list of wedding color trends. But this shade of green also made it in Fashion Weeks across the globe.

A muted, organic color, leek green is a wonderful color to add to an earthy, tropical destination-focused wedding aesthetic, such as this wedding on the beach in Jamaica. 

How to Style Leek Green

For this darker color, add pops of color to create a cohesive, stand-out look. Pinks always look wonderful, as do oranges or peach colors.

15. Skylight

This trendy color is another balance between soft hues and vibrant shades. While many blues create an emotion of tranquility, this one tends to evoke more energy.

How to Style Skylight

To balance this lively color, consider pairing it with neutrals creams, whites, and soft yellows. Such a color palette would make for a beautiful story, especially for a summery or a destination beach wedding.

16. Tranquil Blue

Continuing with the Fashion Week trend of creating a modernized take on classics, this tranquil blue shade from Coloro is reminiscent of a muted, dusty blue.

How to Style Tranquil Blue

Tranquil blue is going to be a wonderful shade as a supporting element to an overall wedding color palette. 

Rather than allowing it to be the main focus, which may feel overwhelming, it can show up in accented pieces, such as in floral arrangements or even table runners. 

Ground it with neutrals or soften it with pastels so it adds extra flair and dimension to the color palette. You can also create the same effect with royal, jewel-toned colors, like in this Calistoga Vineyard Estate wedding. 

Lino Vintage in Avio from Allegoria Textiles, a shade similar to Tranquil Blue from Coloro

17. Verdigris

If you’re interested in a combination of a soft and a bright color tone for a wedding, then this shade may be for you. A rich mixture of green and blue, verdigris is a somewhat muted teal color.

How to Style Verdigris

It’s a versatile color that can easily be brightened and warmed up with hues such as oranges, apricots, and bright pinks.

Or it can be muted and cooled slightly with a wedding color palette of deep plums and royal blues.

Or soften it slightly with other soft pinks. To add more dimension and visual interest, pair fuschia and soft pinks with muted, dusty purples or deep blues.

18. Blue Perennial

Continuing with the Fashion Week trend of creating a modernized take on classics, this blue perennial color is reminiscent of a muted, dusty blue. 

It’s a beautiful, soft color that still creates a sophisticated feel. We feel it would be perfect for a garden-inspired wedding look.

How to Style Blue Perennial

For a timeless shade, even if it is a 2023 wedding color trend, it’s a wonderful hue to incorporate into bigger elements of the day. 

Think of adding it as a part of the wedding party’s color story, such as bridesmaids’ dresses and groomsmen’s bow ties. 

Pair it with softer, lighter blues for added dimension. Use blush pinks and whites if you’re wanting to stick with a delicate palette. Add pops of yellow if you want more visual interest.

Deciding on a color palette is one of the first things any couple or wedding professional will do. Choosing the right colors helps create the aesthetic and tone for the day itself. 

And because these 2023 wedding color trends are pulled from Fashion Weeks across the globe, instead of traditional bridal magazines, couples and wedding professionals alike are more likely to create a completely one-of-a-kind wedding! 

No matter which 2023 wedding color trend you decide on, whether you’re planning your wedding or one for a client,  locally sourced textiles can create the elevation the event is looking for. And we have the ones you need to match these spectacular trendy wedding colors! 

We’ve even designed an entire Color Trends Report complete with moodboards to help inspire your upcoming wedding color palette!

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