ZEFIRO BLUSH - Natural silk runner


Pink is shy

100% Silk - Crinkled and semi-transparent



That slightly hinted blush that pervades your cheeks when you feel embarrassed. Can you picture it? It also pervades the Blush pink fringed pure silk ribbon, an emotion in your hands.

If delicacy and grace could materialize themselves, they would choose this "bon ton" color, gentle but cheerful.

The pink of the Blush ribbon is declined in a warm shade, which suggests good manners and gentle emotions. Refined and elegant, it’s also very trendy.

  • Color: light pink, orange pink
  • Tone: warm, slightly orange
  • Ideal for a contemporary, romantic or floral mood
  • Try it with the Sfumato and Sinfonia Blush for a tone-on-tone effect with different ribbons! Or combine it with other orange pinks such as Sfumato and Sinfonia Nudo, Sinfonia Cameo or Sfumato Pesca
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Processing: 3 business days - Shipping: 24/48 H
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