6 ideas for a unique wedding

Your wedding should be totally unique, personalized to your relationship, your personalities, and the beautiful day that you have planned. After all, what could be better than personalizing the elements of your wedding so that it’s the best day of your life? It’s YOUR day, and nothing should stand in the way of a celebration that you’re totally in love with.

Here, you’ll discover six unique wedding ideas to take your wedding from ordinary to totally unforgettable. These ideas will ensure that your wedding is not only beautiful but also entirely unique from other weddings you’ve been to.

1. Personalized Tableware

Instead of using standard tableware for your wedding, you may consider something a little more personalized. You can incorporate a monogram, names, initials, or special drawings, designs, or trimmings onto your napkins, runners, tablecloths, chair covers, or backdrops. You can also choose special tones or patterns that speak to the style of your unique wedding.

Photo: @gianlucaadovasio , Planner: @joyproctor


Photo: @gianlucaadovasio , Planner: @joyproctor , Flower design: @flower_addicted_angelica

2. Incorporate Embroidery

If you love embroidery (and especially if you have a dress with plenty of embroidered elements), why not incorporate more embroidery into your tablescapes and even your napkins?

Classic monograms never go out of style. They can be personalized with initials or even full names and paired with a ribbon in the same tone to tie the look together.

3. Personalized ribbons

Personalized ribbons can also be a great way to incorporate custom calligraphy, perhaps painted with an ink brush or pen. While simple, classic ribbons can do the trick quite nicely, a monogrammed ribbon could be the perfect additional touch to your bouquet that you can keep for years to come. 

Better yet, if your ceremony or reception will be outside on a sunny day, providing straw hats with personalized ribbons can be a unique way to show you care. Personalized ribbons can also add the perfect touch to your invitation suite.

Calligraphy: @ pinkinkstudio.it , Nastro: Sinfonia Vietri

Photo: Lilly Red , Invitation design and calligraphy: @ themarthysvintagegarden , Nastro: Sinfonia Bruciato , Planner: @wedding_house

4. Lemons Instead of Traditional Flowers

While we love a good floral arrangement, you can also go away from what’s expected by incorporating more greenery, wildflowers, or even some lemons into your arrangements. This is a particularly good choice, especially if you’re having an Italian (or Italian-inspired!) wedding. 

Other foods can also be a solid choice. Both exotic and local fruits accompanied by sweets and candles in your color palette and style can make a beautiful, unexpected arrangement that will wow your guests.

Photo: Lilly Red , Flower design: @elenaatabaeva_flowers , Planner: @wedding_house

Photo: Lilly Red , Planner: @wedding_house

5. Wedding Confetti that Isn’t, Well, Confetti

Instead of using confetti, rice, or something else that’s bad for the environment, try fresh fragrant herbs. You could go with lavender, rosemary, or thyme for a particularly lovely smell as you exit the wedding and head off on your honeymoon adventure.

We also love a good sweets table. This wedding incorporated citrus jellies made in Amalfi, served in a single sized jar and decorated with ribbons inspired by the Italian sea. Another wedding incorporated specialty sweets from Pastiglie Leone, a historic, iconic Italian brand for artisanal candies.

Ribbon: Symphony Vietri

Photo: Lilly Red , Confectionery: @pastiglieleone


6. Spaghetti after the party

To add some true Italian flair and flavor to your reception, why not let your guests indulge in Nerano-style spaghetti, a delicious pasta with zucchini.

Photo: Lilly Red , Flower design: @staraceflorist , Planner: @wedding_house

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