3 ways to close invitations and invitations with a ribbon

Have you fallen in love with handmade wedding invitations and would like to do the same? Are you looking for ideas for invitations that you can do yourself and that leave you impressed? We're with you! We believe in the value of handmade items, made with patience, attention to detail and creativity.

Making wedding invitations curated and coordinated with your mood is easier than you think. And using frayed ribbons are an indispensable detail that makes the difference: they close, finish, add color and enhance the entire invitation experience. There are tons of ways to use frayed ribbons. And for each style you need the right measurement.

Not sure where to start? Read on and discover 3 ways to use silk ribbons for making invitations and wedding invitations.

Closing invitations with ribbons: how to do it?

When you see envelopes and ribbons of a handmade wedding invitation, it may seem like a daunting task but don't worry, this is not the case as far as the ribbons are concerned. The important thing to know is how much ribbon do you need and how to tie it around the envelope, so that you can close it in a refined and elegant way.

Depending on the effect you want to achieve, there are several ways to tie the ribbon around the envelope. We have chosen the three most common ways, to show you three different styles and help you calculate the quantity.

Simple closure: just a knot!

If you want a simple and chic styl , choose to close your invitation with a ribbon that you will simply tie around the envelope; a simple knot. It's a timeless option that is neutral and a natural classic.

Do not confuse the knot with the bow, which we will see below: the knot is an easier, minimal option, suitable for any type of invitation.

The classic: the bow

If your wedding will be an elegant or romantic event, with a classic style and in a wonderful location, you may want to close your invitations with a bow,. Take care to make sure that the bow has the two parts balanced, while as regards the tails you can leave them as long as you like, but we recommend not to exceed too much beyond the envelope.

You can cut the tails straight, for a clean and bon ton effect. Or you can think of a bias cut, along the diagonal, to make them more cheerful.

The refined elegance: ribbon and wax seal

If you have something truly unique and personalized in mind, you can combine the silk ribbon and wax seal for a really magical effect. Formal and informal meet to create an invitation that can be very creative or more timeless and elegant.

The length of the piece of ribbon must be slightly greater than double the width of the envelope.

How much ribbon does it take to close an invitation?

Now that you have chosen the color and type of ribbon and have decided which type of closure to use for your wedding invitations, there is only one question left: how much ribbon to buy?

Here you will find the amount of ribbon used in our examples, with a 14cm/5.5" high envelope:

  • Knot: 50cm/20"
  • Bow: 1mt/40"
  • Closed with wax seal: 30cm/12"

Just multiply the number of invitations by the length of ribbon needed to close each one. You will get the necessary length.

By now, we should know how many guests will need invitations. We recommend that you include an extra amount of material, including ribbons, right from the start, to avoid surprises and unexpected events and be ready for last-minute invitations.

Let's do the math!

To clear up any doubts about the amount of ribbon needed to close your invitations, here's a concrete example:
  • 100 guests
  • 30cm of ribbon for each invitation
  • 100 guests x30cm = 3000 cm
  • You will then 30m of ribbon

The Allegoria ribbons are 3 meters long so you will need at least 9 rolls. We would recommend buying one extra so that you have extra material for additional invitations or if you make a mistake :)

If you want to find out how many rolls of ribbon you need for your project, use the calculator to automatically calculate how many rolls you need.

And if you are still undecided about the number of invitations that you will need to prepare but want to start thinking about invitations, the best thing to do is to start with some ribbon samples. This way you can test different colors and in different collections. Our samples are 1 meter long, so you can make about three test invitations.

Now you have all the info you need to make wedding invitations that no one will forget. Our collections of ribbons are at your disposal: do your calculations and have fun creating a unique and coordinated invitation set with your event!

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