SFUMATO SABBIA - Natural silk ribbon


A precious and golden beige

100% Silk - Sheer, slightly crinkled

Imagine lying indolently in the sun, fiddling with the sand in your hands. The Sabbia frayed silk ribbon by Allegoria Textiles encloses those sensations in a warm and precious shade: like that of gold, sun-kissed sand, tanned skin after summer.

Sabbia is a classic, warm and golden beige silk ribbon, which leaves no room for doubt about its intentions: to warm you up and make you feel good, like if you were on the most beautiful beach on the Italian coast.

  • Color: classic beige
  • Tone: golden, warm
  • Ideal for a natural and sunny mood
  • Try combining it with the Sinfonia Sabbia ribbon for a tone-on-tone effect with different ribbons!
Processing: 3 business days - Shipping: 4 business days

Processing: 3 business days - Shipping: 24/48 H
From fabric to finished product: our collections are 100% Made in Italy. Each material is carefully selected and worked with love and attention to detail.