SINFONIA BRONZO - Natural silk ribbon


The elegance of the temples

100% Silk - Opaque and velvety, slight sheen



Popular narrative has relegated bronze to "third place", the lowest step, the least valuable prize. But this bronze frayed pure silk ribbon is ready to change your mind: its threads contain noble shades of yesteryear, full of charm.

Bronze is not a uniform color and finding the perfect mix between yellow and green is a difficult art; this ribbon from the Sinfonia collection has its own grace and character, an ancient and precious tone that cloaks what it touches with nobility.

Bronzo is important, peremptory, rich and decisive. A noble tone, full of history and echoes of art.

  • Color: antique bronze
  • Tone: warm, with greenish-yellow nuances
  • Ideal for autumn/winter, natural and festive, timeless and vintage moods with neutral, moody or warm palette
  • Try it with Sinfonia Oro Chiaro for a palette with shiny and super elegant tones. With Symphony and Sfumato Pompei or Sfumato Foresta for a festive mood. Together with trendy shades such as Sinfonia Cameo and Sfumato Vietri for a contrasting palette
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Processing: 3 business days - Shipping: 24/48 H
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