SINFONIA CAPRICCIO - Natural silk ribbon


The whim of pink

100% Silk - Opaque and velvety, slightly sheen



Cheerfulness, fantasy, fun: the music goes wild, the rhythm picks up, the air becomes crisp. The party is at center stage and colors are the fundamental lighting team: the Capriccio pure silk ribbon is the perfect detail to ignite the passion of the crowd.

A pure silk frayed ribbon that knows no words: lively and impactful, it stands out and stays top of mind, just like the "capriccio" of the Renaissance, that imaginative musical composition unaccepting of limits. This ribbon from the Sinfonia collection enlivens the atmosphere: let yourself be swayed!

  • Color: sorbet pink, candy pink
  • Tone: warm and intense
  • Ideal for contemporary, summer and pop moods
  • Try combining Sinfonia Capriccio with pastel colors such as Pistacchio and Sinfonia in Crema, or romantic colors such as Sfumato Confetti and Sinfonia Rosa. Create contrasts and botanical palettes with Sinfonia Verderame or Sfumato Felce
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Processing: 3 business days - Shipping: 24/48 H
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