SINFONIA GERANIUM - Natural silk ribbon


Geranium red, when love blossoms

100% Silk - Opaque and velvety, slight sheen



Spring and love...When they bloom, they give clear signs of their presence. Electrifying and lively emotions, like the red that lights up the sunny balconies, dotted with pots of geraniums: the same red as the pure Geranium silk ribbon.

Thinking of the flowered balconies, we looked for a shade that would re-propose that unmistakable encounter between red and magenta: this Allegoria frayed silk ribbon fills your eyes with life in a single glance.

  • Color: light red geranium
  • Tone: vivid, bright, with a hint of magenta
  • Ideal for romantic, floral or festive moods
  • Try it with Sinfonia Capriccio, Rosa or Sfumato Confetti for a floral and spring palette. Create a contrasted look using Sinfonia Prosecco or Sfumato Prosecco for a celebratory appeal with sparkling tones!
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Processing: 3 business days - Shipping: 24/48 H
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