Our sustainable choices

We love Italy, we love the whole planet. With Allegoria, we do our part so that the world remains that magnificent place that we have come to know. We make sustainable choices, favoring the local economy: we personally select our fabrics from local producers in the Como silk district, we work manually and we privilege the human workforce over that of machines. For the labeling, which we personally take care of, we only use certified Italian paper and we have also reduced the packaging to a minimum and made it plastic-free.

Truly eco-friendly fabrics

We believe in hand-crafted and truly sustainable products. Our products reflect what we believe in: completely natural, eco-friendly ribbons and fabrics. As for the colors, our choice of producers is inspired by maximum sustainability, as we work exclusively with those who guarantee dyes made with respect to the environment and in line with sustainable consumption. We chose not to offer hand-dyed fabrics to guarantee the homogeneity of our beloved colors.