SFUMATO CONFETTI - Natural silk ribbon


The Pinkest Pink

100% Silk - Sheer, slightly crinkled

Prissy. Can we define it like this? Confetti is our pinkest frayed natural silk ribbon, in an iconic sense of the word. It makes you think of a wedding favor, the icing on the cake, strawberry ice cream, cotton candy, and, inevitably, candied almonds!

Its sweet pink is clear and rather bright: it brings joy, it tastes of celebration, it evokes love. Confetti is the perfect ribbon to embellish everything with a romantic touch; combined with other shades of pink it gives its best. 

  • Color: candy pink
  • Tone: pale, soft
  • Ideal for romantic, pastel and floral moods
  • Try it with Sfumato or Sinfonia Latte e Menta and Sinfonia Crema for a sugary mood! Or Sinfonia Capriccio for a total pink palette!
Processing: 3 business days - Shipping: 4 business days

Processing: 3 business days - Shipping: 24/48 H
From fabric to finished product: our collections are 100% Made in Italy. Each material is carefully selected and worked with love and attention to detail.